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Bar Diamond’s rumen cannulae are designed for maximum comfort of the fistulated ruminant.

Rumen cannulae are placed in a surgically created fistula, opening into the rumen, located in the flank. Fistulated ruminants include cattle, sheep, goats, deer, elk, and bison.  The rumen cannula allows easy access to the rumen while allowing the animal’s normal behavior and function.   This access allows nutritional research such as In-Situ digestion of feeds and rations.  Rumen cannulation allows for transfaunation or the transplanting of rumen contents and microflora from healthy, fistulated animals to animals suffering digestive imbalance in its rumen. In 1928 A. F. Schalk and R.S. Amadon of North Dakota Agricultural College documented the rumen cannulation procedure.

Bar Diamond rumen cannulae have been used by animal scientists worldwide since 1976.

Bar Diamond also provides feed analysis, rumen fluid, in-situ digestion studies and technical support.